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The science of dependable on-time delivery.

Precision logistics organization treats every customer as a premium customer.

"Getting the goods to local, regional and global destinations"

Whether the goods are sent in individual packaging, as a dry bulk road shipment, by the truck (large quantities) or on the waterways and oceans, the key to customer satisfaction is smooth planning and execution in the logistics organization. That is exactly what we do day in, day out with the passion and performance that only an experience team can deliver.

You have access to a full range of logistics services


  •  All types of dry bulk delivery trucks.
  •  Individual items, less-than-pallet loads, partial and complete loads of palletized goods.
  •  Containerized sea freight from all Egypt ports.


Packaging, dimensions and weight

Bulk or packaged? Poly bag sacks? Big bags? You will find a concise summary of everything you need to know about packaging, weight and other information in a user-friendly format at Shipping details.

 packing-Top Page

We recommend that you contact our logistics experts to discuss a solution that is tailored to your exact needs.


Types of services include:

Providing a full range of services for processing and handling of export cargoes in the ports of  EGYPT, international and domestic forwarding, declaring, shipping to anywhere in the world with the choice of the options for delivery (FOB, CIF, CFR).

TopTradeWay(TTW) group



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About Top Trad Way

“TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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