High purity Silica Sand

High purity Silica Sand

TopTradeWay as silica sand supplier supplies high quality silica sand with competitive silica sand price for both local and international markets.

Top Quality of Silica Sand

TTW group produces top quality of silica sand consistently at a very competitive price to meets customer requirements in the following applications - glass - foundry casting - ceramics - building applications - abrasives - golf sands - pool filters – TTW group provides a wide range of high-purity and low-iron silica sands that is ideal for glassmaking to effectively serve the glass industry we closely monitor screen sizing for uniform particle size and distribution.

TTW silica sand is processed to cover any of these industries:

1-Containers bottles and jars.

2-Flat glass float glass windows mirrors sheets vehicle glazing.

3-Lighting glass light bulbs fluorescent tubes.

4-Tableware lead crystal drinking glasses.

5-TV tubes and screens.

6-Decorative glass.

7-Foundry casting with supplies different grades of round angular and sub-angular sands to the foundry industry for molding and core-making applications because we can produce high integrity castings free of defects and with superior surface finishes quality.

8- White cement applications ceramics silica sand that has been ground to fine sizes is an ingredient in most clay-based ceramic bodies and is a major constituent of ceramic glazes

9-Ceramic products such as tableware sanity ware wall and floor tiles and ornaments building applications screened building silica sand is the foundation in the construction industry.

10-TopTradeWay group produces sand with consistent color and grading that can be utilized in a series of applications including silica and aerated concrete blocks flooring and rendering compounds floor and roof tiles roofing felt white line markings and cement and resin injection systems abrasives

11-TopTradeWay group also offers angular or round graded sand that is used as an abrasive in many industrial processes such as sandblasting golf sands silica sand has become an increasingly important component in sports applications such as golf courses and pitches closely graded.

12-TTW silica sand can be also applied for sports surface constructions pool filters closely graded angular and white-in-color silica sand is the main element used for water filtration due to screening process to meet the strict specifications required for water treatment.

13-TTW quality silica sand is very suitable for production of white cement attributes brilliant whiteness super fineness excellent properties and high strength our silica sand fitting all properties of the finest raw material applied in the production of the most durable white cement. All this from owned quarries across the region with high specifications of the many measures taken to guarantee consistent high quality SGS company inspection and product certification are made.
All the above advantages guarantee to deliver high purity silica sand to those European, Asian and African markets at competitive prices at all times and any quantities our customer may require.


  TopTradeWay group introduces its high purity silica sand from owned quarries across the region. our deposits contain silica sand that is white in color and screened to order with our top facilities and strict quality control regulations we combine numerous sizes of sand grains to offer a wide variety of premium sand blends should you have any inquiries regarding the features and benefits of our unique sand our highly qualified sales and mining teams would gladly respond to them realizing the ever-growing demand of silica sand in local and international markets.

TTW group has secured major silica sand deposits in a strategic location in Egypt enabling us to process worldwide orders from any Egyptian port by developing comprehensive product inventories we can fulfill market demands faster and more efficiently than any other competitor in Egypt.


Silica Sand Forms

Produces in all forms (natural, micrometers and powder ) or as customer request as below:


Origin of the best quarries with very high purity across the regions.

Packing Details

Bulk quantity or in packing 50kgs/bag, 500kgs/bag, 1ton bag, or depends on customer's requirements.

Minimum Order

Multiple containers each (20'FCL) - (20 tons*10 containers) mean 200 tons / month.

Maximum Availability (Monthly)

Multiple containers each (20'FCL) - (20 tons) order as per our agreement basically 5000 tons / month.

Silica Sand Types

Common silica sand, high pure silica sand, delicate silica sand (Coarse powder, Fine powder).

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